Prague Model Agency

The Prague Model Agency is a premium international model agency renowned for it’s splendour and enigmatic approach when it comes to the world of fashion and brands. Our models are adequately selected for their unique qualities and our relationship with our clientelle is one steeped deeply in reliability and reputation.

As a platform to over 1,100 talented individuals, our model agency not only represents the finest angelic models from Czechia aka the Czech Republic, but is an international standpoint for models across the world, which means our clients are always guaranteed to find the perfect face for their brand with ease. With decades of experience spanning the four corners of the globe, our primary focus has always been to ensure client satisfaction.

In 2016, the Prague Model Agency was awarded the title of the 4th most prestigious model agency in the world by the I.M.A aka the International Model Association and today stands as the primary sponsor of Miss Czechia 2018.